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MABUHAY means many different things spoken in Tagalog which is the National Language of the Philippines. Mabuhay can mean “Welcome”, “Long Life” or “Live Well”. We are located in what was formerly Christmas Traditions here on the main floor at the Johnston Terminal. Similar to Christmas in Canada, Filipino Christmas Celebrations are also very colourful, full of traditions, lively, bright and definitely twinkling. One of the most iconic symbols of the Filipino Christmas Spirit you can find at WOW! Mabuhay is the Christmas Lantern or as locals call it; the “Parol”. The star shaped lanterns are displayed hanging outside the house and along busy avenues of the cities throughout provincial towns and small villages as early as September. For Filipino, the Parol is an expression of shared hope and faith. It also symbolizes the triumph of life over darkness and brings goodwill to those who display them during the Christmas Season.

If you are looking for a unique gift idea for a special occasion we may have what you are looking for. From Old World Christmas Ornaments to our popular stone owl garden ornaments we will be happy to assist you.

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